Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Naughty Librarian

Saucy Secretary?

I was told I look like a naughty librarian today.

I don't usually do an 'outfit post' unless I've made the outfit, but I bought these cherry-coloured tights the other day and they're just too pretty to not blab about. The entire outfit was based around the tights.

(Is my arm on backwards?? What happened?)

The hair is different too... I generally avoid wearing it up as it usually gives me a headache. Luckily, the bun was ok and I'm still wearing it now!

Purple blooms!

Tights - Voodoo
Leopard skirt (actually a dress) - Dangerfield
Jumper - Friends of Couture
Shoes - Seychelles via ModCloth
Hair flowers - no idea

Look how cute my jumper is even on the inside...


  1. You do look like the kind of librarian that I'd like to meet! Quite the opposite of the nasty ones in the uni library :) I do love the combination of those tights and heels!

    I hate wearing my hair up too! It's to short to do that now, thankfully, because I always had to wear it up at work.

  2. OOOoooh the tights and SKIRT rock my world! And the jumper is super cutie patootie! Sarah xxx

  3. Naughty librarian indeed! You are totally channeling Parker Posey from Party Girl! Have you seen that film?! I love this outfit! Leopard with red tights is the best combination in my opinon. ;)

    1. I haven't seen that film! I must investigate now.

  4. This is the cutest I have ever seen you look. So adroable!

  5. I love people who create their own fashion.
    Lovely skirt.

  6. Ooo,saucy secretary! LOVE the skirt,you just can't go wrong with a bit of leopard!The tights are heavenly,as are the shoes!
    So please you-and Miss Simmonds-noted the post title was from Amelie!I sniggered about it all day.
    I almost always wear my hair up because it annoys the hell out me with itchiness when it's down!Minbd you,my hair is fine,and very lightweight!You look lovely with it up OR down!

  7. Your heels are perfect! Amazing color:D

  8. Adore those blue heels so much!

  9. Subtle exotice look. Great poses, hair, clothes choice and color very nice. Heat up the library. Red tights and blue shoes are top choice.