Thursday, 12 April 2012

Vogue wiggle dress

I've been wanting to make this dress for some time now.


I didn't realise how fitted this dress would be. It's very close-fitting around the waist and the skirt really curves around the hip line. The skirt is straight but it looks very pencil-y when worn.

I left the ruffle off the bottom because I don't like it. It doesn't need to be there.

And now here I am wearing it.

The fabric is actually black with pink polka dots. It looks kind of purpley in the photos but they are pink!

I wore my best socks too.

But why make one when I can make two?!

This fabric is from the same range I used on the red dress dress and the red mannequin dress.

I slapped some warpaint on for these photos.

I could probably do with some new poses but this dress kind of speaks for itself.


  1. You were born to wear wiggle dresses.

  2. You have the best body. And you should wear this style of dress every single day. You'd better get to work making more of them.

    Mabel Time

  3. I don't know how to thank you. This kind of comment means the world to me.

  4. geez, hows it feel to be so incredibly talented!? These are beautiful, and they look gorgeous on your pretty self :)
    -Heather Jean

  5. I agree with the masses! Your body is amazing and so are your sewing abilities!

  6. gorgeous dresses.... i prefer the pink dotted one.

  7. I see everybody is in my same page! I also wanted to congratulate you on your sewing abilities and on your perfect curves! OMG! how I envy you. I thought waists were only a thing in the movies!
    It suits you SO much!

  8. OMG perfect hourglass figure with the tieniest wasp waist!
    You look great girl!