Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The pencil skirt project continues

Now this is a pencil skirt.

The blue skirt, from the previous post, was a first trial which definitely allowed me to see some alterations were required before I could go on a pencil-skirt-making spree. I needed to add about 4cm to the length, and the seams needed to be let out about half a centimeter each. The blue skirt was very tight! and not at all stair-friendly. I had to take the lift everywhere at work and I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to get up into a tram to go home. I've never been so glad to see a handrail in my life.

So the pink skirt was cut out longer and a teensy bit wider. It fits like a dream. The hem falls just below my knees. I made the back splits about 2 inches longer than the blue skirt, and tapered the waist band slightly. The waist of the blue skirt gaped just enough to be annoying.

The waist band (which the pattern calls a yoke -why? I think of a yoke as something for tops and dresses. This is just a wide waist band as far as I'm concerned) is faced with satin which kind of "goes" with the fabric (or not). I made the waist of the blue skirt the same way. I don't like facing a waist with the same material as the actual garment, particularly when it's a rather thick fabric. Don't you love the hot pink zip?

The fabric is an Italian wool I picked up at a market aaaages ago and have been saving for "something special." It stretches a tiny bit which is why the skirt is just so comfortable to wear.

I can't wait to make this in tartan!

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  1. You are clever at being able to adapt patterns. It reminds me of my mum who could do just the same and who made the most gorgeous clothes! I'm sure you look fabulous. I really must read Trinny and Susannah's book again.