Friday, 18 November 2011

Red & black florals

This is a dress I made a while ago, to wear to a friend's wedding in the south of France, dontcherknow *waves pinky fingers in the air*

The dress is a mish-mash. The skirt is a circle skirt from Vogue 8470; the bust and bodice sections are from New Look 6557.

I love the bodice variations of the New Look pattern but the skirts are plain A-line and not very fabulous. Luckily, the bodice fits with the Vogue circle skirt with very little alteration required. But of course, I altered it anyway. The bodice is designed to sit on the natural waistline. I have a high short waist. A skirt that sits on my actual waist makes me look pregnant. Guaranteed. I get around this attractive issue by extending the bodice in the front so that the skirt will sit about 1-2 inches below my natural waistline. It still sits right on the waist at the sides and back though, so my little high waist is still plain for all to see.

This dress is featured today on my friend Lou's blog, Miss Tallulah Porkchop! I think I look like a bird in the third picture.

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