Thursday, 3 November 2011


It's too bad these trousers look so GOOD, because very shortly they will be going to Tartan Trouser Heaven.

I used the same pattern as I used for the green/blue tartan earlier, with a small seam allowance all around. Unfortunately, the seam allowance wasn't quiiiite enough. I had to open up all the seams again, trying not to fray the fabric as much as possible. This was a futile exercise because it's TARTAN.

Why, why, why does tartan fray so much?? I managed to sew the seams up again and get the damn things to fit but the material is SO frayed, the seams are already beginning to show signs of pulling apart. I've reinforced them as much as I can but it won't last. They cannot be saved.

And speaking of fraying, it is precisely because tartan frays that I refuse to spend money on the
good stuff because it's just as annoying as the cheap stuff (prove me wrong!). At least I only lost $14.00 making these. And on the plus side, I do get to make another pair!

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