Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oops! I bought an entire outfit by mistake

Well, they probably shouldn't all be worn together. But technically, it's enough to make an outfit.

I was really only planning to look for shoes. The rest just kind of happened.

Shoes from Target. Blouse, cardigan & hat all from Jay Jay's. Jeans from Sportsgirl.

(Very snooty little salesgirl in Sportsgirl, by the way. Made a very obvious Those Jeans Are A Mistake face at me. I will go back there one day WEARING the SIZE TEN jeans and wave my big bottom in her face.)


  1. EEEK! That pussy bow!That cardi!!! Heavenly!!!
    Ha,I think it's briilant to get lucky and pick up a whole outfit at once!!!

  2. LOL! Oops. You look great. I love it all. ALL!

  3. I've done that before... a bunch of times.

    I just lost a an auction on eBay for a heart sweater like that!

    Love your hat!

    Mabel Time

  4. I WANT those shoes...