Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tote bag in Retro

I was given this fabric by my dear aunt as a non-Christmas present. It was just enough for a small project, and I really need a new bag to take my lunch/books/millions of tissues to work every day.

I looked for tote bag patterns but they all seemed to come in size Enormous only. So I decided to just make up my own. The great thing about this style is you can make it as small or large and square or rectangular as you like.

This is the basic shape of the bag.

To make it, sew the lower and side seams together, leaving the corners open. To make the corners, fold the bag so the bottom and side seams meet. Sew straight across the seams. Then turn the bag right side out.

That's it! I added a front pocket to mine for extra storage and it would be super easy to add another pocket inside as well. They don't have to be lined but I lined mine with some thick denim to keep it sturdy.


  1. The dear aunt is most excited! It looks amazing! I am currently updating mother's IT knowledge so she can blog a comment or two...

  2. Great bag!!!The dear aunt is thinking...knitting bag...spindle spinning bag...she might happen to find more groovy material and happen to post it your way....