Sunday, 12 February 2012

Red mannequin dress

Finally I have a new sewing project!

This is a newish colour for me. The reds I go for are usually more pink based or a bit purple-ish. This is a real orangey tomato red. It actually goes with my skin quite well which was a nice surprise.

This is also a new design which I haven't made before. New Look 6675.

A few alterations: I extended the waistline at the front, which I usually do with dresses to avoid the glorious pregnant-stomach look.

The gathering at the bust is supposed to be stitched flat on each side of the center seam, and I did that but it looked a bit unnecessary. It sits fine without the stitching and looks fine too so I took it out.

I added a little tuck on each side of the bust as it was gaping a bit. This seems to happen to me with every style of dress that doesn't have sleeves. Does this happen to anyone else? It's kind of annoying but since it's easy to fix, I don't mind too much. If I make this style again I'll make a casing for a piece of elastic which looks a little bit neater.

I took the side seams in a bit at the top and tapered them out to the usual seam allowance at the waist.

The skirt is supposed to be below mid knee which does not suit me at all, so I took it up to knee length.

Isn't this fabric great? I cut the print running the right way on this skirt, unlike the other red dress dress. The skirt for this dress is not a circular skirt, so it's easier to have everything cut the right way.

The fabric is from Cleggs in Melbourne. They have beautiful stuff.