Monday, 9 January 2012

Favourite op-shop buys

Since I bought my green coat the other day, I've been thinking about all the great items I've found in op-shops over the years. I prefer the term 'op-shop' as opposed to 'vintage shop' etc. Because let's face it, a lot of 'vintage' shops are just other people's pre-loved items.

So here are a few of my favourite things...

Weird chunky necklace. Bought at a market... somewhere. Basically a stone cast in a lump of metal.

I think this necklace also came from some markets, but I've had it a while now so I'm really not sure. I just like the leaves and dragonfly pendants.

Black shawl from Chapel St Bazaar.

Mustard suede and faux fur coat from Retrostar Vintage

Bunny fur coat from Queen Vic Markets

My old favourite Pinky. Bought 9 years ago in a shop in Newtown, Sydney. It had arrived in the shop just hours before me. We were meant to be.

Amazing 1940s coat from Chapel Street Bazaar. Slight rip to the velveteen on the collar. The buttons were held in place with safety pins when I bought it and I've left them that way. Fits like a dream. (colour is slightly off in the photos - close up of buttons is most accurate. It's a real emerald green.)

Floral t-shirt style dress from Carlisle Street Bazaar.

I'm not sure where I got this one but it's a Sportsgirl dress. It's silk and extremely delicate. As it's now slightly damaged, I doubt I'll ever wear it. In public, anyway.


Amazing tie-dyed dress from Fat Helens on Chapel St.

Waist-tie detail

Ankle boots, also from Retrostar.

And finally my pride and joy...

...1970s velveteen house coat. Bought at either Chapel St Bazaar or Shag.

That's what was written on the tag when I bought it. I adore this thing. It's big enough to wrap right around me. It flows beautifully on the floor and I simply love swanning around the house in it. It's comfortable and soft. The colours are almost hideous. When I wrap it tightly around my waist I like to think I look like a 50s starlet with a tiny waspy waist.

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