Thursday, 12 January 2012

Floral top

I've made a lot of dresses lately. I love making them, and wearing them. But I think I've made so many I forgot about all the other things I can make too.

So naturally, when I decided to make a top, I used a dress pattern.

I've had this pattern for years. Possibly one of the first I ever owned. I know the first time I made this (as a dress!) I was still living at home, so I've had it for at least 10 years. I made it in purple velour. It actually looked ok, as far as I recall, but I don't think I ever wore it. As you can see, at one time I considered making this as a top, but I never got around to it.

Anyway. This time I wanted to make a top. I ended up making it as a dress first, because I wanted to see how it looked and if it actually suited me. I think it does suit me, but this fabric is just way too overwhelming for the design. It should really be made in a plainer fabric.

Also, it's supposed to be made in a stretch knit. But it has a zip in the back. Isn't that the point of a stretch knit? Not needing a zip? The fabric I used here is rayon (or cotton rayon blend... I bought it a while ago), which means zero stretch.

It definitely looks better as a top.

The only adjustment I made (apart from turning it into a top) was to extend the bust section. I find most tops and dresses with a separate bust section are not big enough to cover everything, leaving the lower seam sitting somewhere across my bust, as opposed to underneath it. I added about 2 inches to the lower edge of this one which was almost too much. An inch and a half would have been enough.

The sleeves are huge. They really boof out when on a real person (that's a technical sewing term, by the way, "boof out," meaning puffy). If I make it again I'll definitely be toning them down.

I just love this fabric. More tops and hopefully other separates coming soon!

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  1. Oh, oh - so pretty!

    Have I mentoned that I adore your new profile pic!