Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My collection of stuff

I've noticed a few "my collection of..." posts around the traps lately. I couldn't decide which collection of my own to feature. So here they all are. (Shameless self-promotion? What are you talking about?)

Samantha Wills jewellery.

Latest piece, "Gatsby Girl ring," love it!

Long necklaces with pendants

My two favourite girls, Cameo and Marilyn

Fragrances. I love gardenia, jasmine, vanilla, rose and violet.

This label is beautiful, and luckily the perfume is delicious as well! (The entire range is fantastic... it took me FOREVER to choose).

Fabric I may never use but which I bought "in case I use it for something"

Red lipsticks

Books, books, books. (And one of those weird puppet things on strings. You can't see it but he's wearing a little black hat. I don't collect these puppets though.)

Nail polish(es)

Marilyn movies

And of course my favourite thing to collect is pictures of Molly.

"Yay! The wardrobe is OPEN!"

"I am




The end.

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