Wednesday, 4 January 2012

French goodies

Who doesn't love this poster?

And who knows what it's actually FOR? Not me, so I decided to look it up. It's a poster for a French cabaret nightclub in Montmartre back in the 1880s. Which is actually still there, although it's now a funky little hotel.


Anyway the point is, I have friends from France visiting for a few days and they thoughtfully brought a late Christmas pressie with them in the form of this cute little tin.

And look what happens when you open it...


Apparently the sweet biscuits are made of mostly butter and sugar, while the little chocolates and things are all direct from genuine Parisian chocolatiers.

Mmmm. I am going to keep this tin forever.


  1. The stuff inside looks AMAZING! Glad it wasn't gievn to me or I would be tempted to EAT THEM ALL.

  2. I have the cat poster! My uncle brought it back from France for me many years ago! Must get it framed...

  3. Lol I have 2 of those posters. The little cookies look so good!!!

    Mabel Time

  4. OH MY! That box of cookies looks delicious! I love macaroons :)