Sunday, 15 January 2012

Burda Style magazine 10/2011

Every month I check this magazine to see which of the 30-odd patterns on offer might be of use to me. Sometimes there's nothing, or maybe just one or two. They once had a Grande Dame range, which I was very excited about until I realised it was all plus-size clothing. Sigh. The thing I enjoy about Burda is they make their own trends, they don't follow. This can be a good and bad thing.

In the issue currently available (in Australia anyway) there are HEAPS of patterns and designs I LOVE.

The patterns are all available within the magazine, but they need to be traced. They're printed all over each other, and it's just not possible to cut them out.


Here are the designs I plan on making in the near future.

Fantastic wrap dress, very versatile and easy to adjust the sleeve/skirt length

(They suggest styling it with leather jeggings. I do not.)

Beautiful dress with sheer panel. This is about the only way I can wear a high neckline without my bosom looking like it's being smothered by fabric. I think I'll leave the neck tie/scarf off.

Kind of pussy-bow blouse. I'm not 100% sure about this one. It has seams which run from the shoulders to the lower hem, and it looks great on the model but rather shapeless in the design picture. If I can make it fitted I'll be happy. I love the fabric it's made in here.

Timeless coat. Begging to made with a fur collar.

Then there are all the crafty bits and pieces up the back. This issue feature mushrooms, which I rather like.

The idea of a giant mushroom in my house never occurred to me, but now I really want one.

And there's a preview of the next edition.

I really hope that long black dress is in my size!

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