Tuesday, 3 January 2012


So you may have noticed this blog has recently been upgraded from I Picked A Template to I Have a Freaking Amazing Page. This is entirely due to my new logo, designed for me by none other than my wonderful partner, aka My Other Half. (Who just happens to be a graphic designer. If he had a website, there would be a link here!)

In fact, he spent his entire final day of holidays designing this logo for me. How is that for dedication? I think it looks fantastic. Well, more than fantastic. All I said was "Can it be kind of deco-looking?" and look what I got.

So here is a post dedicated to my love.

Headscarves. They look great on your head, and the wall.

Ditto for jewellery.

The Design Hub, where all my logo dreams came true

Slight obsession with horror films, particularly anything from the '80s. Or anything in general from the '80s really.

And, currently, the Bride of Frankenstein.

Artist and painter of, er, paintings...

(yes, that is a vial of eyeballs in green liquid... or do I mean a beaker?)

Eyeballs in general are quite cool, I'm told. As are comic book figurines.

And one of the most important things of all...

...I never have to explain my own love of boots. I actually don't know which of us owns the most pairs.

The End. <3


  1. Awww... what a good boy. It looks great!


  2. Ahh! I love it! I also have a picture of "the Bride" on my inspiration bord, i like your style :)