Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Vogue pencil skirt

As I'm not really loving my own adapted pencil skirt pattern, I decided to buy one.

This skirt is made with Vogue 8697.

On the pattern envelope it looks a bit fiddly and tricky, but it's actually very simple. It's just time-consuming to put all those pieces together for the waistband and side panels. Rather daringly I decided to try and make it exactly as per instructions. Of course that didn't work.

Alterations I made:

Tapering the side front and back seams (not the actual side seams). The pattern envelope describes the skirt as tapered, but from the hips down it seems like a simple straight skirt to me. So I tapered the seams from the hip line to lower edge.

The original seam is on the right.

Waistband. I took about 3" / 7.5cm off the waistband. This is not unusual. The skirt is tapered from hip to waistband, but the actual waistband is straight. This is fine if your hips are curved and your waist is straight, but I have 11" difference between my hip and waist measurement and no straight lines on my anywhere. I usually have to take in waistlines. I only reduced the waistband from the top edge, tapering it to meet with the skirt.

The original seam is on the left.

As you can see, it is quite gappy on Doris here, and much more fitted afterward.

And here is how I styled it.

There seems to be a very large space between the hemline and the shoes, but I actually have Doris set up at my height. (My legs must have looked great!)

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