Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pink net top

I bought this from the Salvos yesterday. I bought it with the full knowledge that any gathering under the bust does not suit me, ie, it results in instant pregnant-looking-tummy. But I was fairly sure I could fix that.

I decided to take out the lower piece of elastic and just let the top hang free. Unfortunately, the top is made up of panels, which meant I had to free both the middle and lower panels from the elastic, and then sew them back up together. Then the top should flow free from below my bosom to my hips, right?


Not a great improvement. Doris's bust is a great deal smaller than mine, so it actually looks almost wearable here. I did get a photo of me wearing the top, but it's just too hideous for public viewing.

The only other thing to do is pull the middle panel off the remaining piece of elastic, take out the gathers, and sew it back on flat.

Maybe tomorrow...

(edit: seriously, who would be suited to this top anyway? It has gathers above and below the waist. It does not create a waist. It can only possibly hide a waist. Who wants to look like a brick?)

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