Tuesday, 15 May 2012

1974 Simplicity flares

My inspiration for these came from this print.

It's a print of a 1930's French advertisement for cigarettes. I've had it for years and continually resolve to have it framed and then fail to do so. I like the outfit on the left best, and I only recently discovered she may actually be wearing a skirt, not trousers. When it was inspiring me, I thought they were trousers. I'd actually like to make her jacket too. ANYWAY. Here is my version.

And here is the pattern I used, which is indeed from 1974.


I love that the envelope back boasts about the 'new' narrow shoulder look of the jacket. I did make the jacket years ago, in bright blue corduroy.


I'm nicknaming them the Diet Flares, because the waist is so FREAKING TIGHT I really couldn't eat a lot today. Maybe I could call them Soup Flares? "Souper" Flares? Hur hur. Meh, whatever.


  1. They are fantastic. That Gitanes ad is gorgeous.

  2. Those pants are great! I love a good swing pant.

  3. wow ! awesome ! you did an unique and beautiful piece !!!

  4. They are frickin insanely fabulous! I love them so much - your legs look a million miles long too! You're so clever. Sarah xxx

  5. hello! firstly, these trousers are really lovely!! and secondly I've nominated you blog for the Liebster blog award on my page! xx

  6. They look so brilliant on you!!!

  7. These look fantastic, so flattering, I have been meaning to make a pair of 70s wide legged trousers for an age, I will look out for this pattern! Thanks for the blog nomination :-)