Thursday, 10 May 2012


Mother's Day is this Sunday and I'm getting in early because it's also my mother's birthday this week. Besides everything else I've learned from her, she showed me how to use a sewing machine, thus creating a life-long passion. Here are some of her own sewn creations.

My quilt. Everyone in the family gets a quilt at some stage. Mine was a 21st birthday present, although it took so long to make, I think I got it for my 23rd. I requested black and purple, which is what I got.



I will never lack for lavender thingies so my clothes smell nice and moths are kept at bay.

 My bed runner (yes, I stood on the bed to get the entire thing in frame... )

 And matching cushions (there are two, but they're identical)



My Christmas wall hanging, which stays up all year long

 Complete with angels

And happy little wise men!

There are also some Christmas tree decorations but they're all crammed into a bag somewhere...

 She also makes bags and various accessories.

 This one has a flower clasp

 and lovely contrast lining

Mum also makes a LOT of things for craft stalls, charities, aid organisations, people on low income, etc. This includes clothing, knitted blankets, toys, children's quilts, and so on... A lot of these things are just donated or sold for a token price at church sales. These are some little stuffed animals for a church craft stall in a few months time.


 I love this elephant.


And finally, the woman herself. My mumsie,

Aged 3 or 4 (check out those blonde curls!)

Aged 12, and, according to the back of the photo, wearing a STORE-BOUGHT SILK DRESS. Very exciting for a gal whose own mother made pretty much everything she wore. (Seriously. I'm from a long line of sewists.) She's with her sister here.


This is my favourite photograph of her. Aged 24. Great hair style.

This weirdo kept following her around on her wedding day. Oh, wait...

 Why, who could that be?

 Happy birthday and Mother's Day, Mumsie.

xxx with love from yor dorter.


  1. Whoa I always wanted a handmade quilt! You mom is super talented. And I love the old photos!

    Mabel Time

  2. Lovely post ! Full of beautiful handmade things !

  3. She is pretty good isn't she? Great as a sister too.Interesting how the creative talent passes from Granny to Mother to Daughter. A lovely continuity.
    Much love,
    Aunty M

  4. This is a public `thank you' to my darling dorter. What a lovely gift. Take note all you dorter's out there - find a way to make your Mum feel special too. Mumsie

  5. How lovely - now I see where yo get your talent and your beauty! Sarah xxx

  6. :3 I call my mom "Mumsie" as well.