Thursday, 24 May 2012

Time to pretty up my feet

I was going to do some kind of post about these shoes I found in some op shops recently when I realised the most exciting thing about the photos are my tights.

The shoes are nice but they're all black. Boring. Double boring! So I've decided I need some colour on my feet. These are all from ModCloth (and cheap!)

I LOVE this colour.

Leopard! *gasps*


I don't have any green shoes. None! What a crime! A lime crime! 

And these are available on Ebay and everywhere else (images from Pleaser USA)


So which to choose?? Ok, so a couple of them are mainly black. Currently (as in the last five minutes) I'm leaning towards the massive teal heels and the leopard almost-flats. Or the last pair.

What do you think of my now-boring op-shopped shoes?


  1. i love the first ones, with the polka dots :)
    i'll follow you, mind to follow back?

  2. Love them all

  3. Oooh I love the colorful tights against the black shoes! I think your first pair is my favorite. :)

    These other ones are cute as well! Now I want to go shoe shopping. Ha!

  4. they are all so cool and unique! :)

  5. so cute, love them, just lovely :)

    Amazing blog, I'm following you! * If you've time please check my blog if you don't mine!


  6. Oh my god ! the shoes on the first pic are so cuuuute !!!

  7. I love them all - especially the teal, the lime and the love hearts! Sarah xxx

  8. actually i really love your black op-shop finds... they're so chic and you know what to do if you need a pop of colour - add bright coloured tights. hey, those shoes will look great paired with tights with different prints, too.

    But every girl needs leopard flats ... ;)

  9. Saw your blog on Wardrobe experience
    I like it a lot
    My choice concerning the shoes?...the first and the last
    Awwwww girls and shoes
    You have great taste

    I will follow you


  10. You gave me great idea for how to wear my black shoes , just need to take some interesting tights :) Great post !

  11. Thank you , forgot to say !

  12. I love your textured tights - grrrrrrrr!!!! The teal shoes are yum and I do adore the last pair too:)) xx