Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day of the Dead decorations

On Friday my Beloved and I finally got around to decorating the one room of our house which had remained untouched for the past 18-odd months. Three suitcases of STUFF were finally hauled off the shelf and thrown open. Here is the resulting glory.

This is the first thing anyone will see when they walk in the front door. The Blood Cafe sign is a Spotlight Halloween decoration. The skulls thing is actually a chest of drawers, and the monster is a puppet/muppet made by my Other Half. You can put your hand in it and make it talk and everything! It's called Snout.

Our house is a big 1930's number with 2 living rooms. This room is the larger of the two.

 That blue glowy thing in the corner is this sign

 Here are some larger pics. We have a lot of Day of the Dead stuff because my Other Half has spent years collecting it bit by bit.



Another muppet, and some gorgeous paneled fabric actually from Mexico (thank you, Ebay). There is also one of those massive Mexican hats hiding just off to the left.

How cool are these lanterns? Also a Halloween decoration from Spotlight. 

So there you go. I won't be doing any more house/decorating posts, I just wanted to share all this cool stuff.


  1. Oh I love your home!!! I need to finish my shrine and you've got me inspired to get on with it - I think shrines are a work in progress though really aren't they? I'm in love with your mantlepiece and wall and the skull drawers! xx

  2. I love the shrine, and the feel of it all.

  3. Cool it is! my favorite is the Tiffany lamp pic - so nice and cozy -

    Ariane xxxx

  4. Oh PLEEEASE do more house posts - I love to see other people's houses because I am SO NOSY! Also, my entire house could fit into your living room, so I need the space, vicariously!

    Sarah xxx