Sunday, 20 May 2012

Foxy Lady

Yesterday I went to the Melbourne Love Vintage show. It was like Chapel St Bazaar on steroids. I would have taken photos, except of course when I got there, I discovered my camera battery was about to die. Clever. Anyway, I intended to go along and hopefully pick up a few reasonably priced items, which is precisely what happened.

This is my entire haul.


I've been looking for this book ever since HRF recommended it to me some time ago. Until yesterday I've only found it online, overseas, and rather expensive. It was way cheaper at the show. I really, really want to be able to do that style on the front cover. To myself. I have never been able to put even a semi-decent victory roll on my head. Until now, I hope.

The fabric was the first, and heaviest, thing I bought. The brown cotton is circa 70's and very light. The red stuff is era-unspecified and I think it's a wool blend of some kind. It's thick and warm and there's heaps of it so I can make pretty much whatever I want from it. I'm thinking 70's flares and/or a long sleeved dress for winter.

And then there's this.

My fox fur.


AKA my dream come true.

I really like fur. I really don't like inhumane treatment of animals and I think it's quite possible to kill them quickly and painlessly. Having said that (and that's all I'll say) I have nothing against vintage fur at all. And fox fur is my absolute favourite. It's soft. It's fluffy. It's divine. 

Gratuitous fur photos.


I've been after a fox coat for ages now. It's been hard to find one that fits, in good condition, for a good price. I'm glad I got this one because about 30 seconds after I bought it, I saw another one for waaaay more than I paid. Ha ha.

Hello gorgeous.

Oh, there you are.

Oh, wait! You're over there.

I hope everyone had a happy furry weekend xxx


  1. You really looks like some pin up . love those things I saw . Would you love to follow eachothers ?

    Maja <3

  2. i love this book. a friend of mine has it...too.

  3. Ooo,lovely scores,lovely fur!
    Go for the victory roll,gal! I love em,but can't do my hair to save my LIFE,hence the easy bouffant I mostly have!
    I have no hair skills at all! I have heard that that book is very good.

  4. The book is amazing! You must bring it in so I can looky.

    I love fur, too. As long as it isn't cat or pug. :D Seriosuly, if it is vintage... I would never buy a brand new fur.

  5. I love fur too - but only 'vermin' - eg fox or rabbit. And vintage. A new one arrived for me today - new as in old...vintage white fox. Its so soft and fluffy.

    I was at the vintage fair too on Sunday - helping out SuperKawaiiMama with her vintage bridal talk. And then I shopped - a little!
    Your fabric scores are pretty awesome. Love that red. They'd look good in the same pattern as the pants you last posted.

    1. Oh, is it arctic fox fur?? I LOVE that stuff. So dreamy. Would it be wrong for me to have two?

  6. I love the fabric with the flowers! Cannot wait to see what you make of it.

  7. I love that coat!

    Did you know the author of that book lives in Denver? If I had known you wanted that book I could have pick it up local for cheap!

    1. Seriously?? If you know her you can tell her I think her book is awesome. Best instructions ever.

  8. Hello dear,
    maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via bloglvoin? or even both?

    have a nice day!

  9. Following you too wonderful pin up girl :)

  10. Lovely jacket!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  11. Hi, Dame! Thanks for the follow. Now I'm following you! Great site and nice loot!

  12. Oh sweetie, you certainly don't have to justify your fur-lust to me!!!! What an incredible haul of delicious goodies and I'm so glad you found the book at the right price and those gorgeous fabrics!! Thank you for the multiple fur pics coz I'm such a fur whore!!! xxx